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Real Life Lean - 021 - Be The Beekeeper

Welcome to another edition of Real Life Lean. This newsletter is intended to give construction professionals worldwide 4 quick and easy resources to grow and continue on your lean journey.

Today's Summary:

Lean Article

Have you tried to implement a new lean tool, principle or method, but gotten nothing but pushback that sounds something like “well that might work for x job, but not for mine” or “how much experience do you have doing my job? So why are you telling me how to do it?” I am sure we have all seen different iterations of this from time to time, and how we respond to that could make or break lean in someones eyes. They could miss out on the infinite benefits that a lean system can bring them. In the article below, Luca Cotta Ramusino shares his unique story (and hobby) that helps him break through these tough conversations.

Takeaway: You’re going to experience pushback at some point on your lean journey, and taking the path of a servant leader can help you break through this pushback and may help change someones career. The 10 characteristics of a servant leader that Luca shares line up quite nicely with a lean system and are something everyone can use. Be the Beekeeper my friends.

Lean Podcast

Sharing a bit of a different podcast this week’; one that is not directly related to lean construction, but that touches on themes and mindsets that will help make a great lean team. These topics, such as trust and empathy, help build that lean culture and are a must have for a lean team.

Takeaway: Make work more human. How can you expect your people to perform at their very best, and provide the very best service to your clients if you don’t treat your people right? This ties right into the lean tenant of respect for people. Make the choice to create an environment that promotes your people, is rooted in trust and empathy, and remember that everyone you come in contact with has their own story.

Lean Event

Are you looking to grow you lean construction knowledge? Are you interested in connecting with like minded learners from around the world? Then Lean Construction Institute’s 25th Annual Congress is the place for you. This years theme is Supercharge Your Lean Journey In The Motor City.

Takeaway: This will be the first year I am attending Congress and I cannot wait to connect with so many amazing people from around the world. I am looking forward to growing on my lean journey and learning how I can better implement lean tools and tactics. I will be presenting during Congress and look forward to seeing you there!

Real Life Lean - Lean practices in the real world

I am super excited to share something that I have been working on with the folks over at Lean Construction Blog - The Lean In Action Series. In this series I interview superintendents that are walking the walk and talking the talk when it comes to lean construction. I have been blessed with the opportunity to pick the brains of some of the leaders in the lean world and it has been so much fun.

Check out the link below to see conversations I have had with Buddy Brumley, Boone White and Nick Clemens. Be on the lookout for more to come from this fun series!

Have a Real Life Lean story you think would be a great feature in an upcoming newsletter? Send me an email at

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