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Real Life Lean 018 - Daily Huddles

Today's Summary:

  • Lean Article - Daily Huddle 101

  • Lean Podcast - The Daily Team Huddle - The Last Planner Implementation Series

  • Lean Event - Lean Construction Blog - Future of Production Control In A Connected World

  • Real Life Lean - Framework For A More Effective Daily Huddle

Lean Article

"The huddle allows problems to surface early and daily adjustments to be made in response to changing and unexpected conditions. Often these quick adjustments allow the project to remain on plan without significant replanning." This sentence from the article below is a great summary of the value Daily Huddles bring to project teams. The daily huddle is the single most valuable meeting I attend each morning and has drastically changed my workflow. Not convinced that daily huddles are for you? Check out the article below by Tom Richert and see the value daily huddles bring to construction AND pre construction teams. Total read time 3 min.

Lean Podcast

On a construction utilizing lean construction practices to their fullest extent, you will have multiple huddles throughout the day. Throughout these huddles, many action items will come out. How does a project management team know that all tasks are being handled? How does a team know they don't have multiple people working on the same item, wasting time? The TEAM morning huddle helps ensure the appropriate people are working on each task. Total Listen Time 8 min.

Lean Event

Production control is a continuous learning tool that can be used to trigger change in a process. As technology changes, we have an opportunity to fine tune our production control and improve our supply chains. Join the free webinar below with and James Choo as they discuss The Future of Production Control In A Connected World.

Real Life Lean - Lean practices in the real world

A recent post from Kyle Nitchen (a great follow on LinkedIn, who also has a great newsletter) sparked the theme of this weeks newsletter - Daily Huddles. A link to the post can be found here, and below is a snip of the post. Daily Huddles work, and Kyle shares a great framework for this meeting. Give this a shot and watch you production and overall team moral jump!

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