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Real Life Lean 017 - America's Birthday

Today's Summary:

  • Lean Article - Innovation: The Catalyst of Continuous Improvement and Lean

  • Lean Podcast - The CM Mentors Podcast: Do The Damn Thing

  • Lean Event - The Lean Builder Workshop

  • Real Life Lean - Lean out your 4th of July Celebration

Lean Article

How do we spark innovation among our people? Is there a way to make someone "creative"? I'm sure there are some people that are more innovative or creative thank others, but what if we creative environments that's supported creativity and innovation. A place where all ideas were discussed and there are no bad ideas? In the article below the Brent Darnell shares practical ways to foster an innovative and creative environment. Total read time 4 min.

Lean Podcast

A podcast with Jen and Jess is a must listen. Couple that with Matt and Kyle leading the way and you'd be silly to miss it. This episode is inspiring and motivating. It left me with many thoughts, but the loudest (as the title of the podcast) was Do The Damn Thing!

Lean Event

Want to learn how to take all of these lean tools, practices and techniques and implement them on your project? This is the workshop for you. At this in person workshop you will learn how to implement and use lean tools on your project from some of the industry leaders. this is an in person event in Austin Texas, and I am sure if you attend, you will walk away a better builder.

Real Life Lean - Lean practices in the real world

Alright so you want to host the best 4th of July party, but not quite sure where to start? Well, lets lean it out (and I don't mean the meats).

The last planner system is all around us, and I feel like practical applications, such as when to start your 4th of July brisket, really show us how easy last planner system can be, and maybe how hard we make it look sometimes. I

f you are a meat enthusiast like myself, then you know a smoked brisket is the prized meat of the smoking world. They can be a bit daunting to attempt, but with the proper pull plan, you will wow your neighbors easily.

The main steps to smoking a brisket are: The Seasoning, The Smoke/Bark, The Wrap and The Rest. To get these steps time correctly, where do we start?

Lets start at the end. When do you want to eat? From there, you pull back at least 1 hour, because you need the brisket to rest once off the heat (the longer the rest the better, but lets say 2 hours).

Now you know when you need to pull the brisket off the smoker, but when do you need to wrap it? Well, research shows it takes about 2 hours to get from 165 degrees (when the wrap starts to when it hits 203 degrees and needs to be pulled), so we back track another 2 hours.

Okay, so when do I need to put it on for the smoke/bark? This part can be tricky, but it usually takes around 8 hours. So now we know when we need to start the meat, but when should we season it? A

good brisket has had time to let the seasonings adhere and "sweat" into the meat. I usually go overnight if possible. Looking at this fun scenario, we can see how we can use a lean tool, Last Planner System, and apply it to our every day life.

LPS is as easy and smoking brisket.

I hope you all have a safe and fun Independence Day, and remember, we are a lot more alike than we are different, no matter what the media tells us.

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