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Real Life Lean 016 - Make It Visual

Today's Summary:

  • Lean Article - Benefits of Visual Management

  • Lean Podcast - Lean Onboarding Series - Visual Management Systems

  • Lean Event - Lean Construction Institute - Congress

  • Real Life Lean - The Gift of Dry Erase Boards

Lean Article

Visual management is at the center of a lean construction project. It helps to ensure that the plan is out of the individuals heads and out in the open for the team. At any point, anyone on the team can see where the project is at and where it is headed I love the analogy Juan Felipe Pans uses about sports - In basketball the teams know the score at any time. After the game, the coach analyzes the stats to improve. Why don't we do that in construction? Total read time - 6 min.

Lean Podcast

In this podcast episode Jason offers examples of what information you can make visual and why it is important. Great, quick listen for some inspiration to start your visual management journey! Total listen time 4 min.

Lean Event

Lean Construction Institute's premier event is Congress. This is the largest lean construction event in the US and brings lean practitioners from around the country together for a few days of learning, networking and growth. Click the link below to secure your spot and I will see you at Congress!

Real Life Lean - Lean practices in the real world

One of the first way's I started to implement a visual management system is by having dry erase boards made with the floor plan of the project on them. These plans were then hung in a couple of locations. I will put them in our daily huddle area so the foreman can point to their work area or can show a path of travel. I put them in an open area so we can use them to mark up areas of high hazard work, areas of hot work or areas that are closed off for some reason. At the end of the project, we clean these boards up and had them off to the client. Usually the site maintenance team takes these boards and uses them in their maintenance shop as a way to coordinate their own work. It is a great and easy way to use visual management, and give the client a small gift at the end of the project.

Bonus Material

Tired of all the BS and jargon that gets thrown around the lean construction world? Do you find it tough to navigate lean construction due to the technicalities around all the tools, methods and practices? Is it hard to find an easy, comprehensive way to break down lean construction to your team? Have no fear and look no further, Old Dawg Lean Thesaurus is here. I just received my copy and have jumped right in. Buddy and Adam do a great job of taking lean concepts and breaking it down for true construction workers. Buy your copy at the link above or below today!

Welcome to a new way of building!

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