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Real Life Lean 015 - When In Doubt - Start!

Today's Summary:

  • Lean Article - The Secret Sauce: Start Simple

  • Lean Podcast - Conquering Self-Doubt - Becoming The Buffalo

  • Lean Event - Lean Communities of Practice

  • Real Life Lean - Where to start?

  • Bonus Material - Old Dawg Lean Thesauraus

Lean Article

Where to start? This is a questions that anyone that tries something new must ask. When you have first heard of lean, you may start to wonder the same. Where the heck do I begin? The article below offers a framework of starting simple and watching your organization grow overtime. I love the portion of the article that discusses the benefits of bringing in outside coaching and facilitating. It is important to find someone inside or outside of your organization that has lean thinking experience to help lead successful sessions. Check out the article below. Total Read Time 3 min.

Lean Podcast

Adam is back with anthother great podcast where he gets vulnerable and talks about self-doubt, something we all face. What can you do when you start doubting yourself? Adam does a great job of breaking down different ways that self-doubt manifests itself in our lives so you can be prepared to break through that self-doubt and reach your truest potential. Self-doubt can be one of the most crippling things in our lives and is something I struggle with more often than I'm happy to admit, so I am eager to put these tips to use. Total listen time 19 min.

Lean Event

Did you know there are lean events happening around the country each and every week? Local Communities of Practice (CoP) through the Lean Construction Institute are small groups around the country that connect lean thinkers in your area. Click the link below to find and get involved with you local CoP and see what events they have planned!

Real Life Lean - Lean practices in the real world

Last week I made a post on LinkedIn asking "if someone was new to lean construction, where would you recommend they start?". The comments ended up being filled with awesome advice that I thought would be great to share here. I hope some of this advice can help you on your lean journey, help you to encourage someone start their lean journey and overall make you a better lean leader.

Bonus Material

Tired of all the BS and jargon that gets thrown around the lean construction world? Do you find it tough to navigate lean construction due to the technicalities around all the tools, methods and practices? Is it hard to find an easy, comprehensive way to break down lean construction to your team? Have no fear and look no further, Old Dawg Lean Thesaurus is here. I just received my copy and have jumped right in. Buddy and Adam do a great job of taking lean concepts and breaking it down for true construction workers. Buy your copy at the link above or below today!

Have a Real Life Lean story you think would be a great feature in an upcoming newsletter? Send me an email at

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