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Real Life Lean 013 - SCRUM SCRUM SCRUM

Today's Summary:

  • Lean Article - What Every Lean Project Should Know about Scrum

  • Lean Podcast - Scrum in Team Huddles

  • Lean Event - Master Construction Scrum in 30 Minutes: A Quick Guide

  • Real Life Lean - Scrum at Home with Boone White

Lean Article

Interested in creating a more efficient and effective team that optimizes customer value? In the article below, Feliepe Engineer-Manriquez breaks down scrum and shares 3 success stories to show the benefits of using this framework on different project types. The real world examples shared in this article help convey the benefits your team can experience when incorporating the scrum framework as part of your project management plan. Total read time - 8 min.

Lean Podcast

This is an awesome podcast that is loaded with information. From the beginning Jason shares some resources to get you better in tune with the scrum framework and only continues to share more great content. One part I particularly enjoyed was the discussion on the different huddles you should have in a day and what the outcome from each should be. Jason then shares why and how scrum is the best management framework from removing roadblocks that you have identified. Give this a listen! Total listen time 25min.

Lean Event

Felipe is the leader in the industry when it comes to construction Scrum, so a FREE masterclass from him could significantly change your career. Register at the link below, I know I will!

Real Life Lean - Lean practices in the real world

This weeks Real Life Lean comes from my friend Boone White. Boone is a Senior Superintendent with ICM and has started implementing Scrum at home. See his post below and follow Boone on LinkedIn to see more from him.

Scrum at home?

In the past year, I have become aware of this awesome production management tool (thanks Felipe Engineer-Manriquez and Jason Schroeder) and have been implementing it at work along with #takt and #lastplannersystem. Our daughter was born a little over 7 months ago, so our routine for tasks at home has been disrupted. Combine that with some home projects and spring cleaning and we were struggling! Even to keep up with the daily and weekly tasks. I had the idea one weekend to try scrum. I put all our tasks for the weekend on sticky notes and placed them on the far left window in our living room. There are 4 windows so we used each window as a column of the scrum board. I explained the rules to my wife and my sons (9yo and 7yo). We assigned points to each sticky note, prioritized them, and planned what we thought we could get done over the weekend. It was amazing and my wife was now a believer, but she was not satisfied with sticky notes on the windows. The board you see here is her creation. It is located in the hallway just outside the kitchen in a highly visible spot. My sons love it! We #scrum every day and enjoy getting things done together. Also I want to shoutout Brian Melcher for being an example and encouraging me to share this.

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