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Real Life Lean 009 - RESPECT



  • Lean Article - Leaning Into Construction Safety

  • Lean Podcast - Lean Onboarding Series - Respect for Safety

  • Lean Event - Safety Trained Supervision - Construction

  • Real Life Lean - Safety Celebrations

Lean Article

Sometimes I struggle to see how lean construction encourages a safe environment because I get caught up in the other benefits. But, lean construction does make for a safer jobsite in many ways. The article below focuses on what makes lean construction jobsites safer and how using lean principles leads to higher retention and a better employee experience. Total read time 6 min.

Lean Podcast

"The culture of an organization is shaped by the worst behavior's the leader is willing to tolerate". This podcast starts with this gem of a quote and only continues to drop wisdom from there. (Reminds me of a blog post that I wrote linked here). Everything we do on our projects is based out of Respect for People. We are safe because we respect our people. Having this mindset helps see safety as less of a punishment based system and more as a respect based system. Holding the line on safety becomes more of a cultural value onsite and less of a fear based value. Listen time 8 min.

Lean Event

In the spirit of continuous improvement, here is a link to register for and take the Safety Trained Supervisor - Construction exam. This exam is intended for manager and supervisors who set the standard for Safety, Health and Environmental knowledge. Adding the STSC certification to your tool box is a great way for career progression and more importantly, gives you the tools to make your jobsite a safer place.

Real Life Lean - Lean practices in the real world

The week of May 1- 5 was National Safety Week and our team took some time to stop and celebrate the accomplishments we had made. I find that these types of celebrations are great for team morale and to show the crews your appreciate for their continued efforts. Celebrations such as this one are one of the many ways we show respect for our people.

Team Lunch - These are the people that are building America!

All team members were asked “Why do you work safe?” Here is my why.

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