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Real Life Lean 006 - WTF is IPD!?

Happy Monday lean construction family and welcome to another edition of Real Life Lean. This newsletter is intended to give construction professionals worldwide 4 quick and easy resources to grow and continue on your lean journey.

Today's Summary:

  • Lean Article - Lean IPD: Start with the Culture, not the Contract

  • Lean Podcast - People First Then Construction - How limiting beliefs control decisions

  • Lean Event - IPD For Small Projects

  • Real Life Lean - Field Leaders Discuss Continuous Improvement In Lean Construction

Lean Article

As with lean construction implementation, it is better to start with culture rather than contract for projects using Integrated Project Delivery (IPD). Why? Because culture first "establishes a rapport for the project team in an atmosphere that promotes accountability, collaboration and communication". Lean IPD projects get more value added services and collaboration overall. This article explores what an IPD project is and why it is more important to establish the culture before the contract. Total read time 4min.

Lean Podcast

What are your limiting beliefs? Do you have limiting beliefs about how you can improve your day to day operations at work? Exploring your liming beliefs can be a huge way to improve and work through the roadblocks you have put infront of yourself. My favorite quote from this podcast - "Action cures fear". This is a profound statement that I know will help me move forward and get better. Limiting beliefs are a waste of time, and hey, that's what leans about, right? Eliminate the wasteful limiting beliefs and live to your full potential. Total listen time 12 min.

Lean Event

Is Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) only for large projects? How can it be implemented on smaller projects? In this webinar John Zachara will share stories and outcomes of using IPD tools on smaller sized projects. Register for this webinar at the link below.

Real Life Lean - Lean practices in the real world

Continuous improvement doesn't have to be huge. LCI Field Crew Huddle is a great resource for ideas on how other people are implementing lean construction practices to make their jobs and lives better. In the video below I love what the crew has done with tape on the ladders to help identify them. Small win, large impact. The largest impact you can make will come from listening to the people in the field.

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