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Real Life Lean 005 - SSSSS or 5S?

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Happy Monday lean construction family and welcome to another edition of Real Life Lean. This newsletter is intended to give construction professionals worldwide 4 quick and easy resources to grow and continue on your lean journey.

Today's Summary:

  • Lean Article - 5S Building A Lean Culture In The Field

  • Lean Podcast - 5 Reasons Why You Should Start Lean With 5S Methodology

  • Lean Event - Lean Construction Blog - The future of design. Why Lean Design is Necessary.

  • Real Life Lean - Where are my keys?

Lean Article

The 5 S system for improving project safety, schedule and productivity is a great way to get started building a lean culture on your jobsite and your company. 5S is simple to implement and gets teams to start thinking about things from a continuous improvement mindset. This article explores how implementing 5S on your project can lead to a quicker adoption of lean methods and practices. Total read time - 4 min

Lean Podcast

"Lean is not cookie cutter". 5S helps build the lean muscle in the brain and is a great place to start for lean implementation.. Here are 5 reasons to start with 5S. Total listen time 17 min.

Lean Event

Here is a FREE webinar from Lean Construction Blog on "Why Lean Design is Necessary". The construction and design world is changing rapidly, yet some teams are stuck in the past. Is lean design the solution to this problem? Register for this webinar at the link below.

Real Life Lean - Lean practices in the real world

Last Monday, my day started something like this "Hey Supe, I need the key to the new QC Lab so I can finish my punch list. Where's the key?"

I dumped out the cup without a clue which key was the QC Lab construction core key. I then spent the next 10 minutes walking to the lab, trying key after key (the first key never works, right?) and finally got my trade partner access so he could get on with his work. I came back to the office and knew we had an opportunity to improve. I got with my team came up with the Key Board pictured below. With a simple piece of flat strap, some magnetic hooks we had lying around and a lean superintendents best friend (label maker) we had the board complete and added some organization to our lives.

Have a Real Life Lean story you think would be a great feature in an upcoming newsletter? Send me an email at

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