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Real Life Lean 001

Whats going on lean construction family! Welcome to the first edition of my newsletter - Real Life Lean. If you've been following me on LinkedIn, you know I'm on my lean journey and love sharing what I'm learning and how I am implementing it. Expect more of this, delivered directly to your inbox each week. If you're not following me on LinkedIn, follow me here.

Today we are going to run through some quick hitters to get you reinvigorated and inspired to continue on your lean journey. Here is a quick summary of this weeks topics:

  • Lean Article - How Lean Construction Changed My Outlook on the Construction Industry

  • Lean Podcast - Elevate Construction's Podcast Episode 671 - Steps to Lean Implementation

  • Lean Event - LCI's Introduction to Last Planner System.

  • Real Life Lean Examples - How one coffee drinker has streamlined their coffee making process.

Lean Article

In this article, the author (who happens to also be the author of this newsletter) talks about how lean construction has changed his outlook on the construction industry. Lean construction has given me new hope for the construction industry and the tremendous opportunity for growth excites me.

Lean Podcast

In this podcast Jason Schroeder talks about the 6 different steps to lean implementation, how to identify which step you are currently in and how to progress to the next step.

Lean Event

Last Planner System (LPS) is a great starting point for individuals looking to explore how lean can enhance their project experience. LPS is tangible and the concepts have a direct impact on your work. This course from LCI sounds like a great course for new or seasoned lean practitioners.

Real Life Lean Example- Lean practices outside of the construction world

On weekend mornings I like to ditch my traditional drip coffee machine and spend some time getting my hands dirty with a pour over coffee set up. When I started this process, I bought the required equipment (scale, Kemex, filters, grinder, and kettle) and placed them around my kitchen anywhere I had room. As a lean practitioner, I soon was aware of the waste this organization structure had lead to, and committed to reorganizing my coffee setup.

Pour Over Equipment

Before - Equipment in most cabinets in this area of the kitchen

After - New location for all Pour Over Equipment

Results - My coffee equipment is now always where I need it to be. I can easily see when I need more filters, and know If I am missing any pieces. Real Life Lean.

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