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How Lean Construction Changed My Outlook on the Construction Industry

"That's just the way projects always go". "Yeah, General Contractors usually don't ask for our input, so we've stopped giving it." " I can't be transparent with you guys, you'll turn around and screw me".

How many times have we heard comments like the ones above on our construction projects? As a young construction engineer, I would hear these comments and feel sad and/or question my future in this industry. How could I be a part of an industry that had a mindset like this? I was hopeful there was another, better, way for work to take place. There had to be, because "the way we have always done it" was not going to keep me in the industry much longer. Then I found lean construction.

To be fair, I had heard about lean construction for a few years before I started implementing the methods and really adopting the principles as a core way that I build. But I was afraid to take the leap and was moving so fast putting out fires, that I did't have time to slow down, learn, and implement lean principles. Once I took the time to explore lean construction through sites such as, or through the numerous resources from Elevate Construction, I felt refreshed and excited for my future in the industry. Lean construction was what I was looking for. It offered me tools and a mindset that has lead to better quality projects, better communication and coordination, and more respect on my projects. It has helped me to get excited for work each day, it has caused me to learn, grow and meet new people. Lean construction has been a game changer for my construction career and I know it is going to take hold and spark changes industry wide. Our industry is in dire need of a change, and lean construction is that change.

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